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  • Corten (Weathering Steel)

Kew's Metal Cladding Experts

Are you looking for a super modern look? Architectural cladding may be the solution. Total Roofing and Cladding are Melbourne’s experts in metal cladding systems, implementing architectural cladding systems onto a range of designs and buildings throughout Melbourne.

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Eco Friendly

We choose products that have been created with the environment in mind

Fire Rated

Our fired rated products are tested to meet Australian fire rating standards

Tested and Reliable

Our products have been proven over years of successful installations

Kew, Vic, 3101

Kew is an inner-city Melbourne neighborhood located 5 kilometers east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The City of Boroondara is its local government area. Kew has a population of 24,605 people according to the 2016 Census.

Kew was formerly a city unto itself. However, in 1994, the cities of Kew, Hawthorn, and Camberwell merged to create the City of Boroondara. The Yarra River runs through the suburb to the west and north, with Hawthorn to the south and Balwyn to the east.

Kew is a secure and pleasant neighborhood with plenty of food stores and excellent dining choices. There is the nightlife in terms of dining out, but if you are looking for entertainment or clubs/bars, this is not the place for you. The parklands are lovely, and the neighborhood is popular with affluent families and the elderly.

Why Architectural Cladding?

The exterior of a home is the first thing people notice when they drive up to your house for the first time. A well-designed, attractive and functional exterior can give your property an edge over its competition in the housing market. Choosing architectural cladding for your home will not only protect it from harsh weather conditions like wind, rain and snow but also increase its curb appeal by adding visual interest with texture and color. There are many benefits to installing architectural cladding on your home’s exterior that make it worth considering as part of any major renovation or construction project.

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Kew aerial view