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It was members of the Total Roofing and Cladding team of walls and roofs that helped pioneer architectural cladding in Melbourne. Choose cladders who have experience and get the job done correctly every time for your building or renovating needs. Our cladding process is the result of experience with Colorbond metal, and you will benefit from that. With a fully qualified and licensed team of cladding contractors, you won’t regret choosing TRC. 

Colorbond External Cladding

Australian Cladding Specialists, situated in Melbourne, installs are available for a wide range of commercial cladding systems like roofing and walling with materials including aluminium composite, Colorbond, Colorbond matt cladding, corten or weathering steel and sandwich panels, as well as Colorbond® wall cladding that comes with different Colorbond steel colours.

Our workers are highly competent and have worked on residential and commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects within a reasonable lead time.

Re-cladding – We’ve already received a large number of calls from people interested in re-cladding projects recently, and we’re happy to assist. A simple visual assessment by one of our professionals can often analyze your current cladding systems and guide you through a number of options in our steel building products range of Colorbond roofing, walling sheets, Colorbond colours, and other steel colours.

As a building product, our cladding systems are suitable for factories, industrial cladding, residential, industrial, commercial cladding, corrugated roof and wall, mini corry, and custom projects. 

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Cladding Services

Total Roofing and Cladding specialize in cladding with a range of materials such as titanium zinc, zincalume steel, copper, bronze and brass, aluminium and Colorbond. The introduction of Colorbond cladding has made various forms of cladding more affordable for Melbourne residents. 

Commercial and residential applications with convex contours, concave shapes, clean lines and curves, our architectural cladding systems are at the cutting edge of exterior design.

Modern cladding is almost limitless, we can take your design and turn it into a reality.


Residential Cladding

Take your property to the next level with some modern architectural cladding

Commercial Cladding

Commercial and fire rated cladding is a modern trend which can give your building a modern look instantly

Architectural Cladding

We offer architectural cladding in a range of materials and styles. Check out some of work

Wall Cladding and Facades

A metal cladding facade is something many Melburnians are adopting on renovations and new builds

architectural garage cladding
cladding window frame, black residential cladding, metal cladding system

Colorbond wall Cladding

Cladding Safety With Fire

In view of the new legislation that took effect in Australia on August 15, 2018, we strongly advise all building owners/operators who have an aluminium façade, corrugated iron, steel product, metal roofing or steel cladding and roofing system to conduct a visual assessment.

The Victorian Government established Cladding Safety Victoria to provide assistance and advise to building owners and occupants of structures with flammable cladding, particularly when repair work is required to reduce hazards to an acceptable level in Australian standards.

The VBA conducted a nationwide examination and discovered hundreds of buildings with flammable roof and wall cladding or architectural panel in some form. Because each building is different, Cladding Safety Victoria will work with the owners to find the best product development solution such as insulated panels for that particular structure.

Cladding Safety Victoria will offer advice on how to decrease fire risk, assist owners in locating trained project managers and other professionals, and, in high-risk cases, fund authorised work. This could involve funds for the following:

Professional design services with project management support and technical library.

Permits and permissions, building supplies, and rectification work are all part of the building surveying process.

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Our Core Cladding Services

  • Home cladding services
  • Commercial cladding
  • Architectural cladding
  • Wall cladding
  • Facade cladding

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High End Cladding Installers

  • Understand the commercial and technical sides of project delivery and can oversee your project from beginning to end.
  • Provide first-rate installation, maintenance, and inspection services.
  • Have experience with renovations and new construction projects ranging from single family homes to a multi-million dollar building project.
  • Expert in installing cladding and other related products for facades, roofing product for roof constructions, corrugated roofing, and interior applications in residential, commercial, infrastructural, hotel, and retail projects
  • Work with aluminum composite panels, terracotta panels, fiber cement, sandwich panels, corrugated cladding, and ColorbondTM cladding, among other materials.
  • Have a strong commitment to workplace safety, operating under the rigorous rules of the Victorian Occupational Health Safety Act.
  • Implement quality control procedures for your roofing profiles to guarantee all installations are done in accordance with customer expectations.
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colorbond colour chart

Colorbond Cladding

Wall cladding made of COLORBOND® steel system gives your home a new dimension. These wall systems add class and a modern look to any area, whether as an outdoor facade, second story, shed, large outdoor structure, house cladding or indoor cladding. View the Colorbond colour chart.

COLORBOND® steel walling is available in 22 standard colors and 5 Matt colors. It also has a number of practical advantages. It’s easy to maintain, provides a secure barrier from the elements, holds it’s colour, long lasting, modern, easily replaceable and well, it looks amazing. 

COLORBOND® steel roofing walling is available from a large network of vendors and is weather tight and secure (when placed according to the manufacturer’s standards). Please contact us or use our company search resource library to find a local supplier to learn more about utilizing COLORBOND® steel wall cladding on your home.


We provide a roofing and cladding service that combines experience with cutting edge products, giving outcomes that are at the forefront of roofing in Melbourne


Our solid reputation has been built on the back of hard work and good old fashioned customer service

Trust & Safety

At Total Roofing and Cladding we are proud of our impeccable safety record. We go the extra mile on keeping our people safe, this includes the properties we work on


Every customer of ours is treated with respect, we believe in an open line of communication between us, the roofers and our customers, the homeowners and builders

Colorbond Panelling

Wall cladding made of COLORBOND® steel gives your house a new dimension. It adds depth and texture to any space, whether as an attractive, long-lasting outside facade or as inside feature walling.

As stated previously, COLORBOND® steel wall cladding is available in 22 standard colours and 5 Matt colours, so there is a huge range of colours to suit anyone tastes or surrounding environments. It also has a number of practical advantages. It’s simple to keep clean, lasts a long time, is lightweight, and is exceptionally resistant to chipping, flaking, and blistering.

ABOUT Colorbond Cladding

Genuine COLORBOND® steel is considerably more than simply ‘paint on steel,’ since it is manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728) and tested in some of the hardest Australian environments over the previous 50 years.

Did you know? The steel base is made in accordance with Australian Standards, guaranteeing that the requisite grade and strength are met. The strength and grade of Colorbond cladding give Colorbond a superior product, a long-lasting product. 
To ensure better corrosion resistance, the base is then coated with BlueScope’s industry-leading metallic coating featuring Activate® technology*.
To improve the adherence of subsequent coatings, a thin pretreatment layer is placed.
The surface is coated with a corrosion-resistant primer.
A topcoat of specially created exterior grade paint is baked on to give resistance to chipping, flaking, and blistering, as well as to guarantee that the finish maintains its appearance for longer.


COLORBOND® steel may be an important component of your bushfire design solution, whether you live in or want to construct a house or fence in a bushfire-prone location, (we all know the risk of fire in Australia) or just wish to improve the bushfire performance of your house. The CSIRO determined that a steel fence gives higher protection to people’s houses from blaze than other alternative materials because of its non-combustibility in their study and analysis of the effectiveness of residential boundary fencing in bushfires (view here). Which is great news if you plan to use Colorbond! Pre-painted and metallic coated sheet steel (in this case made from COLORBOND® steel) performed the best of all the materials tested under all exposure conditions, especially when subjected to a 30-minute flame immersion test to simulate the effects of a nearby house fire, which is common during bushfires.

Frequently Asked questions

Colorbond roofing typically has a lifespan of around 50 years or more, although this can vary depending on factors such as climate and maintenance.

Yes, all our materials are Australian-made. Colorbond, in particular, is an Australian brand known for its quality and durability. We prioritize using locally sourced materials to support Australian industries and ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Yes, Colorbond steel is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly roofing option. This means that at the end of its life cycle, Colorbond steel can be recycled and used in other applications, reducing waste and contributing to sustainability efforts.

Colorbond steel is known for its sustainability, as it is recyclable and has a long lifespan. Additionally, its reflective properties can help reduce cooling energy consumption.

Metal roofing and cladding can offer advantages in high-risk bushfire-prone areas (BAL zones) due to their non-combustible properties. However, safety also depends on factors such as installation quality and maintenance.

The installation time for cladding can vary depending on factors such as the project’s size, the design’s complexity, and the installers’ experience. It could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Yes, Colorbond wall cladding is generally low maintenance, requiring periodic cleaning to remove dirt and debris, but typically does not require painting or extensive upkeep.

Metal wall cladding can offer advantages such as durability,weather resistance, and design versatility. However, the suitability of metal cladding depends on factors such as aesthetic preferences, budget, and specific project requirements.