Total Roofing & Cladding

Cladding Systems

  • Projects for commercial and residential use
  • Maintenance is minimal
  • Layout options include horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.
  • Available on curved buildings, installs on curved structures
  • Within the same façade, mix and match patterns.
  • Customizable express widths with a variety of graphic and design options
  • Finished in a smooth and tidy manner
  • Ultra-modern
  • Naturally ventilated air gap
interlocking cladding
  •  Appropriate for both commercial and residential projects
  • Installation is simple, requiring no clips or special seam tools
  • Snaplock and Nailstrip systems have an attractive vertical fin
  • Pan widths can be customized for a unique look
  • Compared to other cladding materials, it requires very little maintenance
  • Allows for material expansion and contraction while also allowing the building to breathe 
  • Panels can be splayed and/or tapered.
  • Installation is simple and quick both horizontally and vertically
  • Various laying patterns are available
  • No visible fixings
nailstrip cladding
  • Projects for commercial and residential use
  • Lightweight cladding with a horizontal and vertical layout
  • Vertical fins that are appealing
  • An easy-to-use alternative to the standing method
  • Curved system systems can be made to order
  • Maintenance is minimal
  • Economical
  • Available within fire rating standards
snaplock cladding melbourne
  • Flat, curved, conical, and domed applications are all possible.
  • Sheet metal cladding with an iconic profile
  • It’s appropriate for both commercial and residential buildings.
  • Layout (horizontal and vertical)
  • Architectural lines with a concealed fixing system
  • Low maintenance and hardy
  • Available in fire rated lines
standing seam cladding

Residential Cladding

Take your property to the next level with some modern architectural cladding

Commercial Cladding

Commercial and fire rated cladding is a modern trend which can give your building a modern look instantly

Architectural Cladding

We offer architectural cladding in a range of materials and styles. Check out some of work

Wall Cladding and Facades

A metal cladding facade is something many Melburnians are adopting on renovations and new builds