Roof Gutters

A guttering system that doesn’t operate properly can damage your roof and increase the rate your roof will age, in the end, it will cost you $$$. We provide gutter installation, downpipe installation, steel gutter installation, and gutter repair services


Metal Roofing

There are numerous advantages to using Colorbond to replace a roof. Total Roofing and Cladding can re roof your house from tile to metal

Bullnose Roofing

Curved roofs and verandahs are popular choices with our customers, a bullnose verandah has it’s own appeal and that makes it a popular choice.


A guttering system that doesn’t operate properly can damage your roof and increase the rate your roof will age, in the end, it will cost you $$$


Gutters and downpipes are essential components of any roof. Total Roofing and Cladding has the knowledge and experience to repair or replace any guttering or downpipes.

Roof Plumbing

Total Roofing and Cladding’s Roof Plumbers has been offering skilled roofing services to Melbourne homeowners and the surrounding areas for many years.

Roof Replacement

Roof straightening, truss or rafter fastening, a new metal frame, thick high R value insulation, and 3rd Generation Bluescope Colorbond Steel are all included in our Colorbond Roof Replacements

Guttering Melbourne

Because they’re immediately next to each other in the same region, everyone wraps roofing and gutters together. Roofing and guttering, on the other hand, are two distinct art forms.

While you can hire a gutter business to install your gutters, your gutters can also be installed by your local roofing company. Many roofing firms either have their own gutter section or subcontract their gutter work to a gutter company. It all depends on how busy the roofing contractor is with gutter work.

So, why would you acquire your gutters from a roofing contractor rather than a gutter company directly?

One of the key reasons is that your gutters are normally replaced when your roof is replaced. Most people will have to finance their roof and gutters because a new roof is such a substantial cost.

Rather than dealing with various businesses, you can consolidate everything into one monthly payment through your roofing contractor. This eliminates the need for several payments, and if a problem arises, you simply have to deal with one firm.


From gutter inspection to installation, you’ve just discovered what a roofing contractor can accomplish for you. Keep in mind that roofing and guttering are two distinct art forms. While you can hire a gutter company, you now know that your gutters can also be taken care of by a roofing company.

“Do I really want to clean them out every year?” you should question yourself before investing in new gutters. If the answer is no, you should think about installing a gutter guard.

metal roofing - Total Roofing and Cladding


We provide a roofing and cladding service that combines experience with cutting edge products, giving outcomes that are at the forefront of roofing in Melbourne


Our solid reputation has been built on the back of hard work and good old fashioned customer service

Trust & Safety

At Total Roofing and Cladding we are proud of our impeccable safety record. We go the extra mile on keeping our people safe, this includes the properties we work on


Every customer of ours is treated with respect, we believe in an open line of communication between us, the roofers and our customers, the homeowners and builders

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is not only 100% recyclable at the end of its life, but it is also built entirely of recycled materials! Furthermore, metal's thermal efficiency lowers your energy use and, as a result, your carbon impact.


Metal roofing is also low-maintenance and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for a roof that just works. With a simple design and easy to spot damage, if damage to your roof occurs. 


By minimizing heat transfer and reflecting solar energy away from your home, heat-reflective metal sheets can keep your home cooler in the summer. This also has an impact on your energy bill, having a naturally cooler home in summer and warmer in winter with improved insulation.

Metal Roof Lifespan

Metal roofs have a long lifespan of up to 50 years. And, because to contemporary metallurgy and protective coatings, it usually lasts much, much longer than that. The long life span of a metal roof is a massive bonus.

Affordable Roofing

Metal roof sheets are substantially less expensive to buy than the same amount of tile. Furthermore, the installation process is substantially quicker, resulting in lower labor expenditures. A metal re roof is a straight forward and predictable process.

Colorbond Durability

COLORBOND steel is designed to survive the harsh Australian climate, including strong winds, hail, rain, and other harsh factors. COLORBOND is put to the test both in the lab and in the real world. COLORBOND has stood the test of time, having been installed on a huge share of Aussie roofs.